Simon Ashtear's Regicide

Act I Scene 01

Waking Up

You hear someone groaning and then realize that it’s you. You have a throbbing headache and feel like you’ve been beaten half to death. (Set character hit points to 1/2 their max value) You wake up in a crater and find the remains of what was once a castle. the spread of debris suggest you were at the center of a massive explosions. You have no memory of the event, in fact no memory of anything. You search your possessions for any clue to your identity. You don’t recognize anything, but nothing seems out of the ordinary except a small 2 oz. bottle of water marked, “Do Not Drink Me” and a handful of strange looking coins. You see an expensive looking golden crown encrusted with gemstones fit for a king, resting nearby. You look out into the distance and see nothing around you, save for a town about two miles in the distance. A set of large footprints leads in the direction of the town. Then, you hear something rustling and see someone else standing up.



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